Grace Koh: “Huge honor to be the Julia Zemiro of Junior Eurovision”

For the first time, Australia is represented not only by broadcaster SBS but also by kids channel ABC at Junior Eurovision. It gave presenter Grace Koh the chance to visit the contest and become “the Julia Zemiro of JESC”. A huge honour, she says.

“I would do it again if I got the chance. It is just so great to see all of these kids and think like: you are much younger than me but you are so talented.” However, it’s not primarily the other participants in JESC2017 that Grace is fond of. Isabella will always be special for her. “We met Izzy a couple of months ago. During her first rehearsal, to see her on the big stage, I cried. Her key change gets me every time.”

Chance to win

“I’m not even biased when I say Isabella is one of the best in the competition. The other countries brought it, but Isabella is amazing. She has not even been singing for that long.” In terms of the Australian strategy to try out different camera angles at rehearsals, she thinks it’s a good thing. “We’ve only been doing Eurovision for a few years now. I’m sure everything will come together in the end.