Greece: Demy will sing ‘This Is Love’ in Kiev

ERT have broadcasted the national selection for Demy in which they chose This is Love as the Greek entry for Eurovision 2017.

Demy was internally selected to represent Greece back in December 2016, amidst speculation of Greek X Factor act Stereo Soul competing against Demy. Tonight’s result was decided by 70% televote to 30% jury vote. The jury consisted of countries such as Ukraine, Belgium, Georgia, Azerbijan, Germany, Armenia, Italy, Australia and Austria.

Tonight’s entries:

  • Demy – Angels

Acoustic mid-tempo ballad that has a very dated vibe to it. Demy wears black with red lipstick. Video features children and young adults embracing each other.

  • Demy – This is Love

Video is shot in monochrome apart from the use of red within Demy’s dress. Opens on piano suggesting a ballad but moves into an upbeat anthem. Song showcases more of Demy’s vocal ability.

  • Demy – When the Morning Comes Around

Deny wears her hair down and wears a white dress in a vintage style girl’s bedroom. Midtempo ballad that has little progression until the bridge. Near the end of the video she stands outside portraying being free.

Within the show, we saw a performance by Hovig who will represent neighbouring country Cyprus with “Gravity”.

Voting results in full

Country Song choice
Belgium This is Love
Georgia This is Love
Azerbijan When The Morning Comes Around
Germany (Nuremberg) This is Love
Armenia This is Love
Italy This is Love
Australia This is Love
Austria This is Love
Ukraine This is Love
Germany (Munich) This is Love

Greece will perform in the 2nd half of the 2nd semi-final on 11 May 2017.

Dream team

Greek Eurovision songwriter Dimitris Kontopoulos was selected to compose the three potential entries for Demy. He previously wrote Ani Lorak’s “Shady Lady” (2008) for Ukraine, Sakis Rouvas’ “This is the Night” (2010) for Greece and Sergey Lazarev’s “You Are the Only One” for Russia (2016).

However it is not just Demy’s songwriter who has a long list of success in the contest. Her stage director Fokas Evagelinos is the most succesfull staging director in the history of the contest. All nine songs that Fokas Evagelinos staged as a creative director between 2004 and 2014 finished in the top 10 of the contest. You can watch a short overview of his amazing track record here.