Greece: ERT begins preparations

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Today ERT has confirmed the news that surfaced on various blogs early yesterday morning. reports that ERT has now started to discuss the procedure for the artist selection who will represent Greece at Eurovision 2012. The first meeting took place between leaders of ERT and representatives of record companies in the country yesterday.

ERT announced that this year’s budget for Eurovision will be set at no more than 300.000 €, which includes 100.000 € to be paid by the EBU to ERT as assistance. This means that the selected singer’s record company should contribute and assist ERT in order to support this year’s budget and the Greek participation. The next meeting is scheduled for tomorrow, which will focus on the details of the selection process.

It is worth noting that this year’s process will be without two important ladies who supported the participation of Greece in Eurovision for quite some time despite the financial difficulties it was for Greece – Litsa Piskera and Mariza Fakli. The OGAE Greece fan club hopes that their successors can prove to be as worthy as those two ladies were at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest!