Greece: National final takes place late February or early March

Greek broadcaster ERT has revealed that the national final, in which Demy will sing three songs, will be held late February or early March. The singer gave her first televised interview about Eurovision this Thursday.

Demy reveiled that all three songs will be in English and all songs will be in a different style. As we already wrote, Dimitris Kontopoulos is the composer of all songs. Stage designer Fokas Evagelinos will help her prepare for the act in Kiev. He is already working on a plan for all three songs, should they make it to Kiev.

Videoclips for the three Greek songs are in production now. The clips all take place in Odessa in Ukraine. When the songs will be released is still unknown. However, we now know the final will take place roughly 4-6 weeks from today.

Amazing track records

Stage designer Fokas Evagelinos has an amazing track record when it comes to the Eurovision Song Contest. Until this day, his performances always reached the top 10 of the contest. He is known for limiting himself to participations in which he can add a special touch.

Greece, Evagelinos’ home country, also held a spectacular Eurovision record until last year. The country had never finished below 7th place in a semi final when last year they failed to qualify. Argo finished 16th in the first semi final with 44 points. Their song “Utopian Land” therefore stayed out of the Grand Final.