Australia: ‘Guy Sebastian makes a story out of everything’

Guy Sebastian has successfully completed his first European solo tour. The first official Australian Eurovision representative visited Norway, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands. ESC Daily gave out tickets for the Madness Tour to several lucky readers. One of them was Suzanne, from the Netherlands.

“When I saw Guy Sebastian on TV during Eurovision 2015, I thought he is a good performer and his shows have to be great parties. So I had to take my chance to win tickets when ESC Daily offered it. After a few days, I received an e-mail from Guys management office, the 6 Degrees Group, with exciting news; they would put my name on the guest list!

I went together with my boyfriend and we had a great time. Guy started fashionably late, but the atmosphere was still really calm and relaxed. When the show started, I was happy that it turned out to be the party I was hoping for. We could dance to his music, but we also got to know him a little better. He puts effort in that, making a connection with the audience, talking about his songs. Whether it is a song about religious tensions in Australia, relationships that break up or simply about a girl he sees in a club – he makes a story out of everything.

One story I thought was really special; about the song ‘Imagine the Sunrise’. Guy told us that he often performs at children hospitals in Australia, and that there was a little girl suffering from cancer, who used to watch the sunrise together with her dad until the hospital moved her to another room. In this room, the girl and her father could no longer see the sunrise through the window, so they imagined it together, every morning.

Guy is a really versatile artist; he even did the rap parts in ‘Battle Scars’ because Lupe Fiasco was not there with him. His emotional songs really mixed well with the happy songs. He left us after doing his Eurovision song ‘Tonight Again’, which was a perfect danceable closure of the evening. And really, let’s do that night again.”