What happened today in Kiev: Day Eight

Every night around 23:00 CET, we summarize the events that occurred in Kiev. On this Sunday we had the second rehearsals for the finalists, who drew their allocation in the final afterwards.

In What Happened Today we close off the day with an overview of the most important facts and videos. Have you been working all day? Or you did not have time to follow the rehearsals? Everything you may have missed – you can catch up every night in this article.

Italy still favorite after drawing first half

Italy’s top favorite Francesco Gabbani drew the first half of the running order for Saturday’s Grand Final. The other countries from the big 5 were all drawn into the second half: United Kingdom, France, Germany and Spain. Despite this setback, Italy is still the clear favorite to win the Eurovision Song Contest. Most journalists at the press center think that Italy’s pole position is not in danger despite the running order draw.

All the Songs in Rewind!

We take you back to all rehearsals that we have seen today. The last round of normal rehearsals took place for the finalists. Check out all songs back to front in Songs in Rewind:

Lucie Jones feeling more secure

The BBC already received good grades after their first rehearsal, but this even improved in their second round. Afterwards at the press conference, Lucie Jones admitted that she feels more secure than earlier this week:

Artists shining at the Red Carpet Ceremony

The Red Carpet Ceremony marks the official start of the Eurovision week. All 42 countries got their artists walking down the red carpet for interviews, pictures and…. selfies.

Let the shows begin!