What happened today in Kiev: Day Six

Every night around 23:00 CET, we summarize the events that occurred in Kiev. It was long day again, with a couple of countries that performed for the second round of rehearsals and the six finalists for the first time.

In What Happened Today we close off the day with an overview of the most important facts and videos. Have you been working all day? Or you did not have time to follow the rehearsals? Everything you may have missed – you can catch up every night in this article.

All the songs in rewind!

We start of this rubric every night by taking you back to all rehearsals that we have seen today. We finally got access to the stage and were able to record the full rehearsals for you. Check out all songs back to front in Songs in Rewind:

Francesco Gabbani remains clear favourite

The graphics for the big favourite Italy look great and sync to parts of the lyrics. Francesco’s gorilla is utilised like in national final. The performance was not perfect with camera angles and choreography yet. But for a first rehearsal, it proved itself as a big favourite. The press centre gave largest applause yet.

Exclusive news: Australia has plans for national final

Australia has big plans, regarding their future in the Eurovision Song Contest. Head of Delegation (HoD) Paul Clarke exclusively informed ESC Daily that Australia is planning a national final, should Australia stay in Eurovision.

Artsvik reveals herself as dark horse for victory

Armenia puts on quite a show! Creative director Sacha has worked her magic and camera motions are slick and sexy. Artsvik is lit in purple hue and wears a black jumpsuit. The two backing dancers support her well while keeping the attention on her. Vocals superb yet again.

Romanian duo captures the camera more during ‘Yodel It!’

They already announced that the camera work needed to be fixed and they did. Romania’s Alex and Ilinca now interact more with the camera and each other and have downsized their act for ‘Yodel It!’.