“Happiness that Eurovision is here again has doubled after the previous year”

Maciej Mazański is today's guest with Steef van Gorkum

After a difficult year, everybody is excited that the Eurovision Song Contest is here again. However, few people are as relieved as Maciej Mazanski. The Polish journalist suffered from Covid and ended up in the hospital two months ago. Today, he is in Rotterdam and joins our Eurovision Talkshow.

“My health issues at that time were serious. I was already in the hospital and then I got Covid there, which made things worse. At that time, I really did not think I would be able to go to Rotterdam. But here I am.”

Mazanski is happy that EBU and NPO took all the possible precautions. “It is not possible to prevent single cases of Covid in an event such as this. However, the host broadcaster does everything to prevent a wider spread.”

Check out our Eurovision talkshow, in which Maciej Mazanski discusses Poland’s chances and the favorites in Eurovision Semi Final 2:

Please note: this talkshow was recorded before the news came out that one of the Icelandic band members has had a positive Covid-19 test