Hatari does not really want hatred to prevail

Hatari 2 Iceland Eurovision 2019
Iceland first rehearsal 2019 Photo by: Thomas Hanses

The Icelandic Eurovision act Hatari has talked to ESCDaily about their song ‘Hatrid mud sigra’. They spoke about whether they really want hatred to prevail. However, the answer is: No, they don’t!

The members of Hatari are clear about it. At the press conference after their first Eurovision rehearsal on behalf of Iceland in Tel Aviv, they respond to questions from ESCDaily:

“Our song is a dystopia in our opinion. A reflection on powerlessness and hopelessness. If we forget love, forget to unite, then hate will prevail.”

When the presenter asked follow-up questions, the band members also admitted that their performance is an act. “This is not the real us. We are an act on stage, but at home, we are sweet people. I have a son who is 1.5 years old,” says one of the lead singers. The other one responds with a very funny answer!

Watch the Icelandic Eurovision press conference:

BDSM act is a metaphor for capitalism

“The BDSM act is an profound expression of individuality,” Hatari talks about their explicit stage act for the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. “It liberates you, but constrains you at the same time. Just like capitalism.” Hatari beat out Hera Björk in the Icelandic preselection for Eurovision.