Head of Contest: “Back-up videos 100% secure, let’s hope only Australia has to use them”

Twan van de Nieuwenhuijzen

Twan van de Nieuwenhuijzen is this year’s Head of Contest. He oversees the recording process for the back-up tapes. “It was a requirement this year, because the EBU absolutely wanted to guarantee that Eurovision would take place.”

Van de Nieuwenhuijzen was present for all back-up recordings. “We checked if they followed all the rules. I can 100% guarantee that this was the case. However, I hope we do not need to use the tapes.”

Australia will for sure use its back-up video, because Montaigne cannot travel to Ahoy. “We did everything in our power to include Australia’s performance into the show as well as possible.”

Back-up videos are 100% secure, says EBU

This item has been made for the online press centre updates at Eurovision 2021, with which Team ESCDaily collaborates during these two Eurovision weeks.

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