Romania: Hotel FM to Düsseldorf

Romanian band, Hotel FM have won the Romanian Eurovision national final, and so will represent the country at Eurovision 2011 with their song “Change”. Although not the televoters favourite, the group received top points from the jury and so were able to win the selection.

The band “Hotel FM” formed in 2005, after their producer (Gabriel Băruţa Oradea) sought after musicians from across Europe to form the band. The lead singer of the band David Bryan is from Darlington, a town in England. He arrived in Romania in 2006, whilst carrying out charity work in his former trade (as a welder), but found love in Romania and stayed since. The band participated in the national selection last year with the song “Come As One”, which the original demo was sung by David – whom was joined by the band since the regulations in the Romanian selection do not allow completely foreign bands/artists.

Below you can see the video of “Change” from the national selection:


The full results for the show are also available to see below:

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