Hungary: András Kallay-Saunders easily qualifies for semi final

András Kallay-Saunders and his band have qualified for the semi finals of A Dal in Hungary with ease. Other notable names like Gergő Oláh and Passed, who took part in A Dal 2015 as well, also managed to qualify after the second heat.

After the first quarter final of last week, we now have the next six qualifiers for the semi finals of A Dal. Five acts qualified thanks to the jury results: Kállay Saunders Band, Gergö Oláh, André Vasary, Laci Gaspar and Karmapolis feat. Böbe.

A Dal 2016 jury QF2The sixth act advanced because of a good score at the televoting, which was the group Passed. A narrow escape!

You can check out the full results and ranking of the jury (Pierrot, Zséda, Károly Freinreisz and Miklós Both) and our review by Dennis van Eersel in our review below:

Passed – Driftin’ (6th place, QUALFIED after televoting)
Passed also took part last year in A Dal and the lead singer (Dori) has improved her skills a lot in this year. We see blue and purple squares in the backdrop. The song ‘Driftin’ seems to be less stronger than their song ‘Mesmerize’ from A Dal 2015. As was the case last year, staging needs loads of work to be of the level required for Eurovision. Points: Károly 7, Pierrot 8, Zséda 7, Miklós 7, App: 5.TOTAL: 34 points.

Group’N’Swing – Szeretni fáj (9th place, ELIMINATED)
This ten piece group is very famous in Hungary for their theater shows. Of course, they’d have to be narrowed down for Eurovision, should they go to Stockholm. The jury states that, to prepare for that, they also need to be with six people on stage in the final of A Dal. ‘Love hurts’ is the English translation of their classy styled song, all dressed in a black tuxedo. Good vocals and a very unique song. Score: Miklós 7, Zséda 8, Pierrot 5, Károly 6, App: 5. TOTAL: 31 points.

Anna Patai – Colors (joint 7th place, ELIMINATED)
It took a while for me to figure out that Anna Patai was singing in English and not in Hungarian. Maybe her team of graffiti painters could have provided us with subtitles? This act is smart and unique, so well though out! There were some dodgy notes at times, and the composition is some what messy. However, the jury was positive about this performance by the 16-year old: Károly 7, Pierrot 6, Zséda 8, Miklós 6, App: 5. TOTAL: 32 points.

Maszkura és a Tücsökraj & Sika Finuccsi – Kinek sírjam (joint 7th place, ELIMINATED)
A rap song, because at A Dal we always see all genres competing. Which is a good thing, it is what makes A Dal so attractive to watch. But, I guess people outside of Hungary are not able to get this song, with a spooky backdrop, lead singer and mysterious lyrics. Rap songs can work at Eurovision, but not if they are so outdated, by composition and staging (a cane and a top hot, really?) Not suitable for Eurovision. Points: Miklós 9, Zséda 8, Pierrot 5, Károly 6, App:4. TOTAL: 32 points.

C.E.T. – Free (10th place, ELIMINATED)
Alex Kabei had problems with his in-ears, and perhaps that is why his vocals were slightly off most of the times. He delivered a messy song, but has thought about his act and staging. It started with detachable screens on a small stage, and flashing lights in the backdrops near the end. Points: Károly 6, Pierrot 5, Zséda 6, Miklós 5, App: 5. TOTAL: 27 points.

Gergő Oláh – Győz a jó (joint 2nd place, QUALIFIED)
One of the contenders to win A Dal 2016, beforehand, was The Voice-winner Gergö Oláh. His song has an interesting ethnic start and when a live performance is even better than the studio version, you know that you got something special. There is a trick with sand falling from above in his hands. Staging, vocals and act are all very, very good. Points for this Gypsy-Hungarian song from the jury: Miklós 8, Zséda 10, Pierrot 7, Károly 8, App: 6. TOTAL: 39 points.

Laci Gáspár – Love And Bass (4th place, QUALIFIED)
A groovy uptempo song by Laci, who is playing the electric guitar himself. This is looking cool, but it also leads up to a static stage performance. Only when the unnecessary rap part has been done, he starts moving and dancing to the rhythm of the song. Still, a lot better than most of the other acts in this second heat. The jury decides: Károly 8, Pierrot 7, Zséda 9, Miklós 7, App: 6. TOTAL: 37 points.

André Vásáry – Why (joint 2nd place, QUALIFIED)
Burning buildings and a destroyed skyline in the backdrop for tenor André Vásáry, who finished off the song in ‘Cézar-style’ (Romania 2013). Pop meets opera is a genre that work out fine at Eurovision, but sometimes the combination is just off, and this seems to be the case with this song. Great visuals, slightly off kilter performance. The jury is however extremely positive as they gave these points: Miklós 7, Zséda 9, Pierrot 9, Károly 8, App: 6. TOTAL: 39 points.

Karmapolis & Böbe Szécsi – Hold On To (5th place, QUALIFIED)
Karmapolis took part in A Dal before, and Böbe’s vocals also have improved big time. The song is mysterious, staged in a big aquarium it seems. We see projections on the white dress of Böbe, who is looking stunning tonight. Being in the same genre as Passed, they were almost responsible for their elimination: Miklós 8, Zséda 8, Pierrot 8, Károly 6, App: 6. TOTAL: 36 points.

Kállay Saunders Band – Who We Are (1st place, QUALIFIED)
It comes as no surprise that András’ vocals are spot on, especially when one keeps in mind that he has a cold now. It can only get better, but I liked the raw, croaky flavour of his voice tonight. It is a totally different song, compared to ‘Running’, but strong, raw and powerful nonetheless. I am not to fond of the fake neon tattoos on his body, however. András of course qualified straight for the semi’s: Miklós 7, Zséda 9, Pierrot 8, Károly 9, App: 8. TOTAL: 41 points.