Hungary: ‘Freddie is a clear finalist’

Hungary will probably reach the final of the Eurovision Song Contest again. Freddie will perform his song ‘Pioneer’ in the first half of the first semi final, and our reporter of A Dal 2016 thinks he will be succesful in Stockholm: “Freddie is a clear finalist”.

We talked to Steef van Gorkum in our weekly podcast show Scout Around. Last week he already predicted his win. “He was the big favourite of both the juries and televoters. That is what you need to win A Dal.”

Van Gorkum also talks about his chances in Sweden, in a few months: “It is a little bit of a safe song, radio friendly. Which is a good thing in a sense but it can also be a bad thing at Eurovision. Because his performance and vocals are really good and we will see some changes in the staging in Stockholm, I think he will definitely have a good chance to reach the final. Again, because Hungary is on a good streak. But will he reach the top 10? Possibly, but that is still a question mark as we do not know the final performance and draw and his competitors yet. But he is a clear finalist.”

The final of A Dal also had a dark side. For András Kállay-Saunders it was a very bad evening, because of his technical problems during his song ‘Who we are’. “András called it ‘the worst nightmare of his life’. The performance started and he didn’t hear the guitar riff at the beginning in his in-ears. He was not off key, but he sang in the wrong key and it sounded really weird. He got another try, but he had to start right away after the jury comments. When he was still too emotional. But he is a winner and he said he will return. He wants to win Eurovision for Hungary and is not giving up on that dream.”

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  1. OK, Kalay better come up with a better song and I’ll be willing to have him as a finalist again.

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