Hungary: “A Dal format refreshed Hungarian pop music”

Exactly one week ago, Freddie won the Hungarian preselection with his song ‘Pioneer’. He is predicted to become already the sixth Hungarian artist in a row to reach the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. ESCDaily went to Budapest to figure out the strategy behind broadcaster MTVA’s success.

“We wanted people to feel like the Eurovision song is their song,” said Zsófia Vajay, senior editor for MTVA and responsible for the A Dal format. “A Dal refreshed Hungarian pop music. Songwriters and artists are preparing for this show the whole year.”

“It is a great way for both established artists and new talent to get radioplays,” adds Hungarian music journalist Ervin Juhász. “Basically everybody in Hungary will get to know them. But I still think our big artists would like to go to Eurovision, even if A Dal wasn’t there.”

ESCDaily also spoke to Kállay-Saunders, Freddie and Petruska about what Eurovision and A Dal means to them. Watch our mini-documentary below: