“Origo might even have societal impact on Hungary”

In recent years, Roma gypsy songs took part in A Dal before. But ‘Origo’ was the first song that actually won the contest in Hungary. The song by Joci Pápai might have a big impact on the country, says our chief editor Steef van Gorkum.

Steef has been living in Hungary the last couple of years and knows that the fact that Hungary went for a Roma song is something special. “Hungary is a country were Roma and other ethnical issues are very impoortant and controversial as well. Of course Hungary is one of the countries were the refugee crisis is also a hot topic. In that sense, the fact that A Dal has become more and more a diverse show over the years, makes this song fit in the current theme of the contest very well. I hope it will have some kind of societal impact on Hungary, but maybe my hopes of the influence of the show are too high, but who knows.”

How will it fare in Kiev?

The Hungarian choice for Kiev is not a safe one, as ‘Origo’ is not the typical Eurosong. How it will do in May, is still hard to predict. “It is a risky choice,” says Steef. “When compared to the ballad by Gigi Radics, you know what you have. A song that most likely would qualify, but would do nothing in the final. Now you have a song that will either get picked up and do very well. Or it will not score at all.”