Hungary: “Sound of our hearts” by Compact Disco wins national selection

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The band “Compact Disco” will fly to Baku this may to perform as the Hungarian entrant’s for Eurovision 2012. The group have won the countries’ national selection “A dal”, beating off 19 other contestants on the way. Their song “Sound of our hearts” was the favourite of both televoters and an expert jury.

Compact Disco are an elecronic band from Budapest, consisting of members Behnam Lotfi, Gábor Pál, Attila Sándor and Csaba Walkó. The band released their first album “Stereoid” in 2009, followed by “II” last May. The group have also released their most known song “I’m in Love” worldwide over the last two years, and won an MTV European Music Award for “Best Hungarian Artist” last year.

The band’s Eurovision song, “Sound of our hearts” has been written by the band themselves. They will now be the tenth artists for Hungary in the Eurovision Song Contest! Next year, one member of the group will also be a member on the jury of “A dal” to choose the Hungarian entry for 2013.

Below, you can see the full results of the Hungarian selection;
1. The Kiralys – “Untried”
2. Tibor Gyurcsík – “Back in Place”
3. Gabi Tóth – “Don’t Save Me”
4. Compact Disco – “Sound of our hearts”
5. Juli Fábián & Zoohacker – “Like a Child”
6. Caramel – ”Vertigo”
7. Nika – “This Love”
8. Gábor Heincz – “Learning to let go”

In the superfinal, two of the jury members; Jenő Csiszár and Kati Wolf voted for Compact Disco, whilst the other two voted for Caramel and Gábor Heincz respectively.

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