Iceland: English version officially presented

The Icelandic representatives for Eurovision 2014, Pollapönk, today released the official music video for their 2014 Eurovision entry Enga fordóma. However in the official music video the song has been translated and been given the title No Prejudices.

The music video features the band as comic superheros who are fighting against prejudices, keeping with the theme of the song. The English lyrics to the song work well with the melody and the song still carries it’s feel-good message of unity very well. It is yet to be confirmed if Pollapönk will perform their Eurovision song live in English or in Icelandic when it comes to Eurovision, however the English version presented in the music video is likely to be the final version that will be performed live in Copenhagen.

Iceland have been drawn to participate in the first half of the first semifinal of Eurovision 2014 on the 6th of May in Copenhagen. What do you think of the music video? Do you prefer the English version or the Icelandic version? All your comments are always appreciated.


  1. Tis tellin me the video is cannot be viewed

    EDIT – we have fixed it, thank you for your comment!

  2. English version is so good! I’m usually for national languages at ESC but the message needs to be sent!

  3. The band has said in Icelandic on their facebook when asked that the song will be in English in Copenhagen.

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