IMRI: “A big honour to close off the contest”

Imri Ziv, the Israeli artist for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest is really happy with his starting position at the contest, where he will be the last one on stage in the second semi final. He tells this to ESC Daily and also speaks about previous participation as a backing singer.

“I don’t know if this experience helps me get more points, but I know what is going to happen from the moment I land in Kiev,” Imri tells us in Amsterdam at Eurovision in Concert. “It is a big honour to close the Eurovision Song Contest, this never happened to Israel before. I will do my best and the rest is up to Europe. And Australia.”

Qualifying for Eurovision

“Now I am the lead singer, all the spots are now on me. It is fun, nervous, but fun,” Imri continues. He had a strange journey to Kiev, taking part in a casting show even though he was already a bit known in the country. “It was a big step to take part in a reality show to go to Eurovision, but everything turned out for the best.”