Belgium: Internet selection started

Earlier today, RTBF (the Belgian Walloon national broadcaster), together with record company “AKA Music” have started the Internet selection stage as part of their procedure to select the Belgian participant for Eurovision 2011.

How does the Internet selection work? Well, all the interested artists need to create a profile on the website, which should include their song, pictures, info, video clips, etc. All the visitors can listen to those songs, and decide if they wish to “help it” or not. You can donate to your favorites 5 Euros or more, and you can pay with Mastercard, Paypal, Visa, and Amex. All the artists who receive 20,000 Euros by the end of the Internet process, qualify for the second round – the RTBF selection to choose the Belgian participant for Eurovision.

The Internet selection will end on December 31st. All the money donated to songs other than the winning one, will be reimbursed.

You can read the full rules of the competition, as well as listen to all the submitted songs on the official website: