Interview: Carews have talent

You probably know that Elisabeth Carew is one of the hot favorites to win the Norwegian MGP on Saturday. What you probably not know, is that Elisabeth is the younger sister of the famous football player John Carew! During her rehearsals, had a chance to chat with the talented and charming singer about her song, her performance and… her brother.

Elisabeth’s song “Sole Survivor” is the most ‘Eurovisionary’ entry of this year’s MGP and that turned her into a big favorite. Nevertheless, she has not realized it yet! She was aware that in Sweden Helena Paparizou was a favorite with an almost similar song title. But her song, which is written by herself, has a different approach.

“Sole Survivor deals with love. Is about falling in love many times in your life but in the end only one, a “sole” true love is the winner. No matter countries of origins, religions or cultures. Love is a synonym of freedom. We all deserve to express our honest love without barriers.”

On the stage of Oslo Spektrum, we will see a slightly adjusted stage performance, compared to the semi-finals. Elisabeth has some surprises, which make her feel excited but also a little bit scared! Anyhow, a while ago she tried her new ‘gimmicks’ on stage and we are patient enough to wait for them.

This year the majority of the contestants are new singers. Only Linnea Dale and Mo have already made some successful steps. Although, Elisabeth’s surname is more successful. The recently retired world famous footballer John Carew is her older brother!

“I never felt envy or jealous of my brother. I never compared herself with John. I went my own path, I decided to become a singer while I was only 4 years old!” This was even before John decided to be a football player. Nevertheless, she is used to the fact that John is famous for more than half of her life. “During our teenagehood, I was very skeptical and did not want to be famous.” Thankfully, her passion about music made her follow her dreams. “John was part of my inspiration.”

As for you, our beloved readers, Elisabeth has a sweet message! Check the video below…