Interview: Dorians are willing to represent Armenia in Baku

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Despite the ongoing political issues between Armenia and the host nation of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, local band the ‘Dorians’ are openly willing to represent Armenia in Baku. Their bidding entry titled ‘This Is Our World’ which has a strong message of peace.

Check out what the Dorians had to say to below;

ESCDaily: First, could you make a short introduction about yourself?

Dorians: We are the Dorians, musicians who want to make good music and work day and night to make this happen.

ESCDaily: Could you tell us about your song? How did you come up with the concept and tell us about the message of the song?

Dorians: Our song was made right after Azerbaijan’s victory. This song calls for peace. We hope that everybody who listens to this song will think about that message.

ESCDaily: What made you decide to participate this year? What would it mean to you to represent Armenia?

Dorians: We’d like to represent Armenia in an alternative way. We wish to gain the attraction of Europe and show them our Armenian rock!

ESCDaily: What do you expect from the selection?

Dorians: As far as we know, there will be no selection contest this year.

ESCDaily: Are you guys Eurovision fans? If yes, do you have any favourite Eurovision songs?

Dorians: We are not Euorovision fans but we’ve been following it closely. Last year we were cheering for Italy, we liked Rafael Guallazzi very much. We also liked Alyosha from Ukraine, Maya Keuc from Slovenia etc

ESCDaily: If AMPTV selects the band to represent Armenia in Eurovision; What will be the first thing you do?

Dorians: We will start the preparatory work and do everything properly to be presented to the Eurovision Song Contest. A perfect performance is expected from us and that’s what we shall provide.

ESCDaily: Who are your music inspirations?

Dorians: Our musical inspiration is the good music from all over the world. However, among our favorites are Led Zeppelin, Stevie Wonder, Jeff Buckley, Queen etc

ESCDaily: And one last thing – do you have a message for our ESCDaily readers?

Dorians: Always listen to good music!

ESCDaily: Thanks to the Dorians and we wish you good luck on your bid to represent Armenia!

Listen to their Eurovision entry ‘This Is Our World’ below;