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Continuing our interviews from the Swiss National Final, had the pleasure of speaking with another of this year’s Swiss national finalists and the ‘mother of Eurovision’, Lys Assia! Lys Assia is a Swiss singer who has represented Switzerland on three occasions; in 1956, 1957 and 1958. She won the very first Eurovision Song Contest in 1956 with the song Refrain. Lys Assia has qualified to the Swiss National final via the SF online and jury vote, and will perform her entry ‘C’était ma vie’ in the December 10th Swiss National Final!

This past weekend, Lys Assia visited Athens for the annual OGAE Greece contest called Mple. Our correspondent Pantelis Kapogiannis had the chance to catch up with the first Eurovision winner on behalf of during the rehearsals and have a quick chat about her return the Eurovision Song Contest – after over 50 years since her debut!


You can read the interview transcript below; Welcome Lys, and thank you for your time. It’s been over 50 years since you’ve been on stage in Eurovision – Why have you waited until 2012?
Lys Assia: Switzerland was not clever enough to ask me to represent them again *laughs*. I was there… waiting. 😉 Nothing was on the horizon, you know, until now. We hear you will wear the winning dress from 1956 in the Swiss Final – is this your good luck charm?
Lys Assia: I don’t know yet. I’m not sure. Maybe I’ll wear something else. How will you prepare for the Swiss National Final? What is your goal?
Lys Assia: My goal is to win. I will do my best once again. And your competitors, what do you think of your competitors?
Lys Assia: I don’t know actually which singers are announced, I had to stay focused in my song. But when I go back in Switzerland, I will tell you right away my opinion. *laughs* How would it feel to be back on the Eurovision stage, in Baku Azerbaijan?
Lys Assia: It will be a dream coming true one more time. You know, I’ve been there before, in 1956, I was so excited and 56 years after I’m back again to get a 12-points love from the people. We wish you good luck Lys! Finally, do you have a message for the readers of ESCDaily?
Lys Assia: Vote for me please. It will be great to see many eurofans and fans of me in Eurovision!!! Good luck Lys and thank you for your time!

Check out Lys’ performance of “C’était ma vie” from MPLE below;


With very special thanks to Pantelis Kapogiannis (interview) and Dimitris Manousos (photos).

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We’d like to thank Lys for her time during her busy schedule in Greece!