Interview: Sinplus (Swiss NF) speak to ESCDaily

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Continuing our interviews from the Swiss national selection, had the honour of speaking with one of this year’s Swiss national finalists, Sinplus! Sinplus qualified via the RSI selection through the ‘Eurosong’ final, and will perform their entry ‘Unbreakable’ in the Swiss National Final to be held December 10th!

Check out what the group had to say to us below;

ESCDaily: Welcome Ivan and Gabriel, and thank you guys for your time. First tell our readers a bit about yourselves, how you both got into music and what/who inspires you as artists?

Sinplus: Greetings from small Switzerland! We are honored to speak to you, showing that Switzerland isn’t only about banks and chocolate but also a lot of good music! We have had the great fortune of having grown up together, breathing music since we were children… if I have to sum it up in one thought, the situation when mum was shouting that xxx was ready and we were in our rehearsal room with a switched on “REC” button. From every music style and every artist many things can be learned… surely U2, Bob Marley and Queen are among the bands we cherish the most.

ESCDaily: After the Swiss RSI selection, how was the reception after your qualification? Did you expect to qualify to the national final?

Sinplus: The feedback where great, but most of all we’re happy for the chance to bring our music and message to the people. We got congrats from all around the world…we want to thank all you guys for supporting us. It’s amazing! We want also to thank our friends that are helping us in this adventure. Being in the Swiss final is a great start. Our first album “Disinformation” is ready and is going to be out in December! Now we don’t want to stop dreaming, we want Baku!

ESCDaily: Describe to us how it felt after being announced as the first qualifier?

Sinplus: Amazing party! What a hangover… But now we’re working for the next step….keep on rocking!

ESCDaily: Tell us about your entry ‘Unbreakable’. How did the song come together and what inspired you to write such a meaningful song?

Sinplus: Unbreakable is, like all our songs, a thought that we try to translate to music. We wanted something very direct, a strong simple message that targets mind and heart of who listens.
Furthermore unbreakable refers to the fact that we are brothers and nobody can devid us; after surviving 10 years in the music business you feel a bit unbreakable! On the other hand who is not unbreakable? We all are, we just forget about it… we want to send a positive message seeing the difficult time we are all going through.

ESCDaily: What made you decide to submit it to the Swiss preselection for the Eurovision Song Contest?

Sinplus: Reading the text of the song Unbreakable it came as a spontaneous decision to submit it to Europe and maybe to the whole world, if everybody in his small world would be “unbrekable”, we all would be better off.

ESCDaily: How will you prepare for the Swiss National Final? What is your goal?

Sinplus: Of course! We are going to be rehearsing like all the others contestants….but if you’re unbreakable…simply you are 😉

ESCDaily: What do you think about the Eurovision Song Contest? Do you watch the contest? Do you have any favourite songs?

Sinplus: Music has many qualities, among them the capacity to unite people…. Eurosong shows this is indeed the case. In the past we watched the contest only occasionally. Not really, but if I have name a favorite song, surely it is Waterloo by Abba. They show how also a small nation like Sweden has something to say. From there on, Sweden is one of the nations with the most talented bands and artists.

ESCDaily: Finally do you have a message for the readers of

Sinplus: It’s great that so many people love music…we hope to rock in Baku! You got the power….stay Unbreakable!

ESCDaily: We’d like to thank Sinplus for their time and wish the group the best of luck at the Swiss National Final on December 10th!

Listen to Sinplus’ entry “Unbreakable” in the video below!