Iceland: Interview with Yohanna (ESC 2009, NF 2011)

Yohanna secured the equal best position for Iceland at Eurovision in 2009 with her song “Is It True?” and escdaily is lucky enough to have been able to ask Yohanna some questions about 2009, Icelandic selection in 2011 and the future for her now.

escdaily: Let’s start with the easy question: what was it like to represent your country at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009?

Yohanna: It was amazing, I look back at it with a big smile on my face.

E: Did you ever think you were going to do as well as you did? Were you surprised at the results of the semifinal (which you won) and that you came second in the final?

Y: I never thought I would go so far ! My goal was to reach the finals, and anything more would just be a big bonus, but reaching 2nd in the final was amazing, it took me weeks to actually realize what happened!

E: Moving on to 2011: what were your expectations with “Nótt”?

Y: I worked very hard on the song and the performance and hoped for the best:) In a competition you never know what to expect.

E: Considering your 2nd place in 2009 to Alexander Rybak, Eurovision fans across the world were shocked to find out that you had not won the Icelandic selection in 2011. Did you know that you had so much support? (See the comments here.)

Y: I was amazed ! I was so moved by all the people cheering me on, these people are the reason I make music 🙂
I feel so lucky.

E: I hear that you are moving to Sweden later this year; are you looking to further your career by focussing on a bigger music industry?

Y: Yes, I am aiming to move there this year. There are so many great options there for an artist like me.The “pop” industry there is so big and so active. I have been performing there a lot since 2009, I love it!

E: Are you planning on recording another album?

Y: Yes! I am currently working on songs, hopefully it will be out this year.

E: And finally, the question everyone wants to know the answer to… will you attempt to enter Eurovision again?

Y: I don´t know! Never say never 😉

escdaily would like to thank Yohanna for agreeing to answer our questions and wishes her all the best for the future!