Malta: Ira Losco – “I am considering a new song”

ESCDaily have gained an exclusive post-win interview with Ira Losco who will represent Malta in Eurovision 2016 in Stockholm. In the interview we discuss whether Ira wishes to change her entry – Chameleon.

Firstly, How was your reaction to winning MESC and to represent Malta again in Eurovision?

I’m honoured to have been entrusted by my people to represent my country again. No doubt I will be doing my very best to make Malta proud. Obviously I am aware that the festival has changed a great deal since 2002. It has grown into a global television music show followed by millions. It is a very exciting experience, which undoubtedly I feel will enrich my musical journey in more positive ways than one.

What convinced you that 2016 was the right year for you to return as a singer/songwriter?

A lot of factors contributed to my decision. Ever since my participation in 2002 and after the positive result for Malta,I was asked time and time again if I would ever participate again, to which I replied “never say never” and here I am. After I saw Loreen win with “Euphoria” in 2012, I got excited about Eurovision again and started following it. Then in 2014 I was asked to present our national final with Gianluca Bezzina and the audience saw this as a possible return to the Eurovision stage. In the meantime my album “The Fire” kept its number #1 spot in the iTunes chart here and is still there in Top 10, it was also getting a lot of international attention, so the decision to re enter the national final here became more appealing.

Would you prefer to perform Chameleon for Eurovision or perhaps change/write a new entry?

Our national final regulations have highlighted a possible song change, should PBS and producers of song agree to it. Should we have a song in hand written by myself or other writers, which we believe could be a strong contender instead of “Chameleon” I would be happy to consider but I have to also the people’s wishes in mind as well.

Apart from working as a successful singer/songwriter. What do you like to do in your spare time?

(Laughs) First I have to have spare time! When I do I like to be outdoor in our beautiful weather enjoying the fresh air. Long walks to clear my mind are a rare occurrence but when I have the chance to I enjoy them, and I find it extremely important and liberating t travel for pleasure when I can.

What are your thoughts on the development the Maltese national final and Eurovision Song Contest have made since you were a participant in 2002?

I think that the festival has improved in its quality and it is always a good opportunity to be introduced to our national market, if one is a young and emerging artist.

Finally, Eurovision fans across the world have been waiting with anticipation for your return since 2002. How have you found the love and support from the Eurovision community for your return?

I am overwhelmed by the positive feedback by both the national and international fans of the festival everywhere. It is exciting and heart warming to have so much support. I wish I could thank each and every person personally. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

ESCDaily would like to thank Ira Losco, her management and TVM for the interview.
You can follow Ira Losco on Facebook at IraLoscoFanPage and Twitter at @IraLosco.

We wish her all the best in Stockholm representing Malta in the second half of the first semi-final.