Ireland: Listen to the entries

The five songs entering into the Irish national final Eurosong 2015 have just premiered this evening on the Ray D’Arcy show on RTE Radio 1 and we’ve now got the official low down on everything from this year’s Irish selection.

The clips of the songs which premiered this evening have also been uploaded to the escireland soundcloud account for you to listen to and we here at ESCDaily have decided to create a short review to guide you through this year’s Irish entries.

Song 1 – Alex Saint“She’s So Fine”

This song is a mid tempo funky rap song, something that’s not typically Irish and something that you definitely wouldn’t expect to have come out of Ireland. The song is pleasant enough but it lacks emotion and could end up coming across as rather bland. Rap is also something which typically doesn’t do well at Eurovision.

Song 2 – Kat Mahon – “Anybody Got A Shoulder?”

This song was written by Charlie McGettigan, who won the contest in 1994 with the song “Rock ‘N’ Roll Kids”. The title of this song is frankly ridiculous but it’s quite a cute song. The song sounds like a sad Disney ballad from the 1990’s and the use of the harp and the violin give this a very traditionally Irish feel. The down side to this is that it could be seen as being dated and this is without mentioning the unusual lyrics and title of this song.

Song 3 – Erika Selin – “Break Me Up”

This song is good and it’s the first one so far that really has that “Eurovision” feel to it. The song has a very positive message, this is the type of song you could find yourself whistling along to. Erika herself is actually a Swedish singer who took part in Idol 2009. She was also the original artist behind the song “Kom” which featured in Melodifestivalen 2010, performed by Timoteij.

Song 4 – Nikki Kavanagh – “Memories”

“Memories” is a very fitting title for this song, as we all have memories of 2011 when Nikki took on Jedward and came second in the race for Ireland. This time she’s back with another ballad and it’s an emotional, intense, powerful song. A live performance of this will make or break this song’s chances at Eurovision, it’s a big song and hopefully she can give it justice. Think “Dancing In The Rain”.

Song 5 – Molly Sterling – “Playing With Numbers”

Of all the performers taking part in this year’s Eurosong, Molly is the only one to have actually written her own song, so credit where credit is due! She’s got a very unique style and a recognizable voice and this song manages to showcase her as an artist very well. At 16 years old, she is the youngest participant this year.

And there you have it! This year’s five Irish hopefuls! Who is your favourite? We always love hearing your comments at ESCDaily and don’t forget to check back when we liveblogging the Eurosong 2015 on the 27th of February.