Iris beats Shannon to win ESCDaily Prediction Contest

In a battle of the women, Iris has beaten Shannon for victory in the ESCDaily Prediction Contest. Iris came up with an amazing Grand Final prediction, which led her to victory.

In the Grand Final, Iris predicted 9 of the top 10 countries correctly. Out of those 9, she had 5 in the exact right position: Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden and Azerbaijan. Our team will now get in touch with Iris to send her a price package filled with CD’s, including the ones from Tamta & Katerine Duska.

Shannon finished second, while Thomas (front runner after both semi finals) finished in 4th place. ESCDaily’s chief editor Steef van Gorkum achieved the highest position from our team: he came 5th.

More than 60 people took part in the competition. Thanks to all of you for following the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest with us! Team ESCDaily is very grateful to all of you.

Full results of the ESCDaily Prediction Contest 2019:

Result Points
Iris 287
Shannon 285
Jacob 283
Thomas 283
Steef 282
Tim 280
Peter 280
Cristian 278
Michael van Leeuwen 274
Erik 272
Karin 270
Fréderique 269
Marc de Jong 268
Robbert-Rotterdam 266
Maurizio Protopapa 266
Adriaan 263
Dennis vE 262
Marieke 262
Suzanne 259
020Nick 259
Kai 257
Anthony 256
Robin 256
Vis 256
Manole Virginia Narcisa 252
Milan (6 years old) 248
Vasile Dumitra 248
Iolao Mir 248
Maarten Kamp 247
Guido 247
Luuk 244
Sasha 242
Iordache Anda Diana 236
MarcvdHeijden 230
John van Eersel 229
Dylan M 214
Herti van Eersel 193
Andrew Hill 178
Sadie 169
Per 168
Henk Jan 164
Sander 164
Viktoria 164
Arne van der Ben 158
Jan 156
Stratis Bal 153
Britta-Sophie 147
Britta 147
Mila 141
Olli 140
Nicky 138
Paul 135
Ioannis Effraimidis 131
John 128
Matthias 127
Eurovision Value 127
Nikolay Dimitrov 127
Joshua 124
Wouter Veneberg 122
Antony Brown 113
Kristian 113
Nico Wijnberg 112


  1. Congratz Iris! You did it again! Very good!
    The title of this post hurts a bit ?

  2. Congratulations Iris! I am happy that NL won anyway, that was the most important result for me 🙂

  3. Congratulations all of you! And especially Iris, Again !
    And thanks ESC Daily for all the coverage!

  4. The top 10 was incorrect and it has changed! What does this mean for our results?

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