Isaiah Firebrace: “More focus on my vocal performance”

Tomorrow Isaiah Firebrace will become the third candidate on behalf of Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest. Earlier this week we spoke to him about his chances and changes after the rehearsals, in his last preview before the show: “I can’t wait!”

Isaiah and his team were not completely satisfied with the rehearsals. Artistic director Sacha Jean-Baptiste decided to make some alterations in the act, in the hope that Isaiah will get the result. He is happy with her effords:

“Working with Sacha is amazing. I am so happy she is on our production team. She told me to be natural and not to think about what I should do. She complimented me on my vocal performance, which is great, because that is what I am all about. We also cut down some of movements.”

Australia should get a permanent spot at Eurovision

Eurovision is big in Australia, but that is no new information. Isaiah Firebrace thinks that after his performance, it is time for the EBU to give them a permanent slot in the contest.

“I think three years in a row has been great, so why not give us a permanent place here? People in Australia love Eurovision, it is being broadcast longer than I live. There is nothing like it in Australia. If we are granted a permanent place, that would be awesome.”

Check out the full interview with Isaiah above. He is also speaking about how hard it is to follow in the footsteps of Dami Im and Guy Sebastian, who got a top 10 result. “I started watching it in 2014, when Jessica Mauboy was the interval act. Ever since then I have been watching it and I became really captivated. Dami and Guy did so well, I am just focusing on what I have to do, taking it step by step. I am not worrying about my result, but I hope Europe can connect to me.”

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