Israel did not win the televote in the first semi final of Eurovision 2018

Israel was also the winner of the exciting first semi final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, but oddly enough was not the televote favourite and finished in fourth place in their list. The EBU has released the full split results from the strong first show on Tuesday.

Full result from semi final 1:

1. Israel (283 points)
2. Cyprus (262 points)
3. Czech Republic (232 points)
4. Austria (231 points)
5. Estonia (201 points)
6. Ireland (179 points)
7. Bulgaria (177 points)
8. Albania (162 points)
9. Lithuania (119 points)
10. Finland (108 points)
11. Azerbaijan (94 points)
12. Belgium (91 points)
13. Switzerland (86 points)
14. Greece (81 points)
15. Armenia (79 points)
16. Belarus (65 points)
17. Croatia (63 points)
18. F.Y.R. Macedonia (24 points)
19. Iceland (15 points)

Cyprus won televote, Greece would have qualified instead of Albania

When we look at solely the televote results in the first semi final above, we immediately see that Eugent Bushpepa from Albania would not have been in the final, if it was up to them. Greece was in their top-10, but Yianna Terzi was too low with the juries to get qualification.

Also very interesting, Israel did not win the televote in the semi final. They were in fourth place! Cyprus, Czech Republic and Estonia ended above them.

The jury had Lithuania and Finland eliminated in the semi final

Wow! After seeing the jury vote we notice that Ieva Zasimauskaite was NOT in the top-10 of the juries. Finland also did not make the cut. Once again Greece, but also Switzerland suffered most from the discrepancy.