Israel: Hovi Star to Stockholm

Hovi Star has won the competition “Rising Star” 2016 and has won the right to represent Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 with the song “Made Of Stars”. He beat out competition from three other artists to win the Israeli ticket to Stockholm.

The show implemented a unique voting system in which the final three acts performed their Eurovision entries and the public voted yes/no to each act via the official app. With a 68% approval rating, Hovi beat out Ella Daniel who had a 58% approval rating and Nofar Salman who scored a very close 67%. These final three made it through the first round of votes which saw Gil Hadash eliminated from the competition after performing cover versions of popular songs.

An interesting national selection format, it combined the “X-Factor” style “Rising Star” franchise along with the Eurovision National final aspect of the competition. There was a heavy focus on the success of the format in last year’s competition where Nadav Guedj placed ninth in Vienna: Israel’s best result since 2008. The song “Made Of Stars” was also performed by runner up Nofar Salman, who put her own arrangement on the song, but it was Hovi Star who appeared triumphant. He will now go on to perform the song “Made Of Stars” in the first half of the second semifinal on May 12th in Stockholm.