Israel: Imri Ziv selected for Kiev

Israel has selected their successor to Hovi Star. Imri Ziv, who was backing vocalist in the last two years, will be going to Kiev. After 3 victories for Israel will see a 4th victory for the holy nation.

After a fierce battle over several weeks, emerged victorious and Imri Ziv will be flying the Israeli flag in Kiev. Imri did not score the highest scores over the first few weeks, but the charm saw him win the overall competition. During the competition he sang ‘Because Of You’ but it is almost certain that he will be singing another song in Kiev.

He gained a respectable 93% in the first round, then he sailed through the quarter finals where he had stiff competition from Julietta and Diana Golbi and this continued all the way through the competition.He was a backing singer for Israel at Eurovision previously, so he has experienced the Eurovision atmostphere so knows what to expect from the experience.


Israel have had 3 wins since they first started in Eurovision, the most recently being in 1998 in Birmingham. This was Dana International and Diva. Can they get a 4th victory this year?