Israel: Nadav Gadej wins Rising Star

At the final of “Rising Star” talent show in Israel, Nadav Gadej was selected as winner and therefore as representative of Israel in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna.

Nadav Gadej competed in the final night along with three other candidates: Avia Shoshani, Iki Levi & The Rasta Hebrew People and Sari Nachmias. The result of the show was decided by the viewers using a special app and the program’s celebrity judges. In the few rounds of voting process Gadej was explicit favorite,  and in the final duel he has won 79% of audience votes. After selecting winning performer, professional committee will choose the song in a few days.

The sixteen year old Nadav Gadej is already widely known across Israel, and he has earned the nickname ‘Israeli Justin Timberlake’.

Israel will perform in the second half of the Second Semi-Final of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest on the 21st of May.  For now, it remains to wait for couple of day so we can hear the winning song.