Israel wins the Eurovision Song Contest 2018

Netta Barzilai has won the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 on behalf of Israel with the song “Toy”. Cyprus got the second place, whilst Austria completed the podium with the third place.

Leading the jury vote was Cesar Sampson from Austria, with Sweden and Israel following and second and third position, but it was time to move on to the public vote to see whether the final outcome would be greatly affected.

The votes were slowly unveiled, with the public top 10 being revealed as Israel, Germany, Cyprus, Estonia, Moldova, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Italy, Denmark and Ukraine. Which country, if any, ended up topping the scoreboard and becoming the next Eurovision Song Contest winner? Here’s a look at the final results!

Full result of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018

01. Israel: 529 points
02. Cyprus: 436 points
03. Austria: 342 points
04. Germany: 340 points
05. Italy: 308 points
06. Czech Republic: 281 points
07. Sweden: 274 points
08. Estonia: 245 points
09. Denmark: 226 points
10. Moldova: 209 points
11. Albania: 184 points
12. Lithuania: 181 points
13. France: 173 points
14. Bulgaria: 166 points
15. Norway: 144 points
16. Ireland: 136 points
17. Ukraine: 130 points
18. The Netherlands: 121 points
19. Serbia: 113 points
20. Australia: 99 points
21. Hungary: 93 points
22. Slovenia: 64 points
23. Spain: 61 points
24. United Kingdom: 48 points
25. Finland: 46 points
26. Portugal: 39 points

Split results of the Grand Final of Eurovision 2018

Austria won the jury vote, whilst Israel won the televote. The jury result of Netta Barzilai was high enough to get her victory after all, coming in third place. Austria and the jury runner-up Sweden failed to impress in the televote, making it a easy runaway for Israel.

At the bottom of the scoreboard we see that Australia failed to connect to the televote market again, scoring only 9 points. Opening act Melovin from Ukraine was at the bottom for the jury.


  1. So Eurovision has gone from a legit song contest bringing Europe together to a contest where all that matters is that you look like a potato but sing about being beautiful. Honestly, Eurovision is the worst song contest ever. It is not even a real contest: it would be about music and skill, instead of this freak show with bearded women and weird bird dances. Seriously, why are we still wasting money on this bloated, convoluted, overrated piece of donkey shit?

    I guess it is true that haters gonna hate, and israel is gonna potato.

    • How dumb can a person be? You are exactly that ‘stupid boy (or a girl)’ that Netta was refering in her song. And let me give yo a tip: if you can’t stand the heat, don’t satnd in front of the oven.

  2. Israel wins the 63rd Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon

    Dear ESC Daily
    May I congratulate Israel’s Netta Barzilai for winning the 63rd annual Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon with his well deserved performance of her song “Toy” it was a very well deserved and popular victory. Also may I wish her all the best for the future. In addition may I wish Israel all the best for hosting next years Eurovision Song Contest probably in Jerusalem.

    Additionally may I send my commiserations to the fantastic, SuRie as she did her best in representing the United Kingdom with her song “Storm” and also handling the stage invasion incident with professionalism in this years contest she deserves our respect.

    Furthermore may I say that the Portuguese broadcaster Radio and Television of Portugal (RTP: Rádio e Televisão de Portugal) has done a fantastic presentation of the contest in which the presenters did themselves proud. Moreover the interval acts in the pre-qualifiers and the final were superb. Plus may I say the stage design was one the best for some years. All in all a truly vintage grand cru of a contest.

    Once again may I congratulate Netta Barzilai and Israel for the magnificent and well deserved victory, I look forward to watching next years Eurovision Song Contest 2019 from Jerusalem, Israel.

    All the best.

    Yours Truly.

    David James Toft
    United Kingdom

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