Italy: Francesco Gabbani cuts out the entire second verse

Italy has presented the final version of their Eurovision song “Occidentali’s Karma”. They have cut out the entire second verse of the song.

In the original version, with which Francesco Gabbani won the San Remo Festival, was 3:38 minutes. This exceeded the infamous time limit of three minutes set for Eurovision. Therefore, the Italian delegation has decided to cut out the second verse. Right after the first chorus, the song goes back to the pre-chorus sentence “AAA cercasi storie dal gran finale, sperasi.”

Listen to “Occidentali’s Karma” below


Ever since Francesco Gabbani and his dancing gorilla won San Remo, they have topped the betting listsĀ as favourites to win the Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev as well. It remained to be seen, however, how the original version would be cut down to three minutes. Now that we know the answer to that, fans, journalists and experts can continue their discussions about how this entry will fare with both juries and televoters.