Italy: Nesli & Alice Paba, Raige & Giulia Luzi leave Sanremo

The first two acts have been eliminated from the Sanremo Festival 2017 in Italy. Two duo’s, Nesli & Alice Paba and Raige & Giulia were eliminated in the repechage on Thursday.

Together with Ron, Clementino, Giusy Ferreri and Bianca Atzei they were convicted to singing their songs again on night 3 of Sanremo, after not receiving enough points by jury and televote in their first attempt.

On Friday, the 20 remaining semifinalists will sing their songs again, judged by the televote (40%), the jury (30%) and a poll vote with selected people throughout Italy (30%).

Four of the acts in this Campioni section will be eliminated on this fourth evening, while 16 finalists will still battle for the trophy and the first right to represent Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kiev.