Italy: RAI undoubtedly will participate in Baku

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After reports at the end of 2011 indicated RAI had no plans to withdraw from Eurovision, has reported today that Italy will be definitely participating in Baku.

In 2012 it is expected that the Italian entrant will be selected in the upcoming Sanremo Festival, similar to the selection last year. In 2011 the entrant, Raphael Gualazzi (the newcomer award winner), was selected via Sanremo. It’s expected, once again, an appointed jury will be in charge of picking the entrant during the festival.

It is expected either Rai 4 or Rai 5 will broadcast one of the two semi-finals with Rai 2 or Rai 3 being in charge of broadcasting the final. Director of Rai, Lorenza Lei, is reported to have been behind the approval the participation in 2012.

Additionally, as we reported back in October, Gianni Morandi will once again host the 62nd Sanremo Music Festival, will be held from February 14th to 18th 2012. Therefore, the Italian entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 2012, is expected to be announced during the Samremo final to be held on February 18th, 2012.

Stay tuned!