Confusion in Italy: RAI still wants Stadio for Stockholm

The Italian representant for the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm is still unknown. Broadcaster RAI was supposed to announce their entry in a press conference moments ago, but instead announced that negotiations with Sanremo winner Stadio are still going on. 

Yesterday night, the vocalist group Stadio won Sanremo Festival with their song ‘Un giorno mi dirai’. After the show, RAI tweeted that Stadio had declined the right to represent Italy in Eurovision.

Stadio’s lead singer Gaetano Curreri later stated that “this is absolutely not true. We still have to decide. Maybe we write a piece with Francesca Michielin and we go there offering our duet.”

Francesca Michielin sanremoFrancesca Michielin was runner-up in the Sanremo competition with her song ‘Nessun grado di seperazione’. It is well-known in Italy that going to Eurovision is her big dream.

In today’s press conference, RAI has today announced that they will wait for Stadio’s decision. “We still want Stadio to go to Eurovision, and have not offered the right to represent Italy to any other artist just yet.”

Last year in Vienna, the group Il Volo reached an impressive third place for Italy, winning the televote and missing out on victory only because of the jury vote.