Italy: Review of the first night of SanRemo

The prestigious SanRemo Festival in Italy has kicked off last night! At ESCDaily you can read which artists have the best chance so far, to go to the Eurovision Song Contest in May. If the winning artists dares to go, that is.

The conclusion of the first night in Italy’s SanRemo Festival 2015 is that the six acts in blue are most likely to advance the the final of Saturday, and the four names in red are at risk. Want to know more about the first ten potential Italian Eurovision acts? Keep on reading!
SanRemo Results Night 1

You can rewatch the whole show here, or click on the link of each songtitle to see the performance. This great contest has becoming even more relevant this year, as the winner of SanRemo 2015 will be given the option of representing Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna.

Song #1 Chiara – Straordinario
Chiara, no not the Maltese one, was the first one to enter the stage in the Campioni section. A nice opener from a former X-Factor winner. Question is if her song is strong enough to win in this grand field of contenders. Vocally this is excellent and would get a lot of jury points at Eurovision.

Song #2 Gianluca Grignani – Sogni Infranti
Gianluca is a well known name in Italy, having released 15 albums and taking part in 1994 (!) for the first time in the contest. This was however not his best performance or song in his long carreer and chances are Grigani will not make it to the final.

Song #3 Alex Britti – Un Attimo Importante
This guy won the Newcomers Section 1999 and became a big star in the years to follow. A worthy contender but his performance was a bit of a let down. Back to basic is what we advise Alex Britti, the focus is more on the guitar than on the performance. That is, if he makes it to the final, being in the ‘red section’.

Song #4 Malika Ayane – Adesso e Qui
A high range from this artist, who is told to have a big international fanclub in Europe. That would come in handy for Italy in Vienna perhaps? Her song would be definitely good enough for that big stage.

Song #5 Dear Jack – Il Mondo Esplode
A rock band at SanRemo! Their debut album went platinum in 2014, so they are big in Italy. And if this field, with a live orchestra, they are truely something different in the contest. At Eurovision though, they will not be as unique. Something to keep in mind.

Song #6 Lara Fabian – Voce
A lot of Eurovision fans were very enthousiastic when Lara Fabian’s name was revealed. She took part in Dublin in 1988 for Luxembourg, and a grand rentree would be awesome. However, she is now in the ‘red section’ and will most likely be eliminated. The chorus was strong, but the rest of her song is not sticking enough.

Song #7 Nek – Fatti Avanti Amore
OK, this is just great. A real contender IF the big Nek also wants to go to Vienna, Because chance’s are, he will win SanRemo. Once he had a big hit in whole Europe with “Laura Non C’e” in 1997, he might just do it again in 2015.

Song #8 Grazia Di Michele e Mauro Coruzzi – Io Sono Una Finestra
Maybe it’s because they had to perforom directly behind Nek, but Di Michele and Coruzzi don’t give that Wow-feeling that is necessary. It’s not bad, but the standard is very, very high in Italy. This is just to decent and will not make it to the final on Saturday.

Song #9 Annalisa – Una Finestra Tra Le Stelle
Italian media claim: Annalisa is the one to look out for in this years contest. When you watch her performance with that information in mind, it might not be as good as expected. But still, a very nice song. But will it stand out on the final in Saturday in order to win?

Song #10 Nesli – Buona Fortuna Amore
SanRemo is also evolving and welcoming the year 2015, this is what the Italians would call “a modern entry”. The song is very strong, just like the performance. I don’t know how the Italians will rate this song when it really matters this weekend. Might be a surprise?