Italy: Review of the second night of SanRemo

The second round of artists have performed their songs for the first time in Italy. Have you missed the second show of the SanRemo Festival last night? Then this round-up at ESCDaily is a must read for you.

You know the deal. Broadcaster RAI will offer the winner of SanRemo the chance to go to Eurovision. The conclusion of the second night in Italy’s SanRemo Festival 2015 is that the six acts in blue are most likely to advance the the final of Saturday, and the four names in red are at risk.
SanRemo resulta night 2

Want to know more about the first ten potential Italian Eurovision acts? Read our review of the first night in SanRemo! We will now give a review of the second night. You can rewatch the whole show here, or click on the songtitle of each song to watch it in a new screen:

Song #1 Nina Zilli – Sola
We all now Nina Zilli so well from the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku. There she performed a uptempo jazzy song, this time she keeps the genre in it’s roots. It seems to be less powerful than her previous ESC-song, but it might be that we Know that song so very well and this JUST needs to grow on us…

Song #2 Marco Masini – Che giorno è?
After taking part in the early 90’s, Masini is back with a small intense performance. At least, that’s how it starts. His song has a nice build-up with pounding drums and flashing lights when it goes on. A nice song, but it is not booming enough for Eurovision. Or for winning SanRemo 2015 for that matter. Still a decent qualifier for the final.

Song #3 Anna Tatangelo – Libera
Anna Tatangelo is a two time winner of SanRemo, having won the Newcomers section in 2002 and the Women’s section in 2006. She is still young, 28 years old, and will be one of the artists to look out for. Great vocals, great personality and a nice traditional song. The biggest surprise is: this is at the bottom four!

Song #4 RAF – Come una favola
Eurovision 1987 hero RAF is back, and how awesome would it be to see him return to the Eurovision Song Contest? He still has that beautiful tembre and emotion in his voice as he did then. At least in the first part. His song however, is nowehere near as strong as ‘Gente di mare’. And due to the comparison everyone would make in May, that would be a risky Eurovison-choice.

Song #5 Il Volo – Grande Amore
The Italians keep on shooting with the big guns! Because once again, how awesome would it be if Il Volo goes to Eurovision. This genre might have had it’s biggest peak already, but these guys are top of the bill in this classic style. Their vocals still stand-out in a field of contenders, and this bombastic song is ticking all boxes.

Song #6 Lorenzo Fragola – Siamo Uguali
There are no words to describe this. What a beautiful composition for this X-Factor winner. This would be a very, very worthy winner of the SanRemo Festival 2015. And a great contender for Italy perhaps in Vienna in May for another top-10 finish!

Song #7 Irene Grandi – Un Vento Senza Nome
A small and raw performance by Irene Grandi, who took part in 1994, 2000 and 2010 as well. She will not win the contest with this, but what a beautiful ballad is this by this grand lady. A must watch as well.

Song #8 Biggio e Mandelli – Vita di inferno
Two generals on stage now, but I doubt if they get respect from their troups. A novelty act in SanRemo, and it has ended in the ‘red section’ of non-qualifiers. Rightly so.

Song #9 Bianca Atzei – Il solo al mondo
The last two acts also ended up in the bottom four of the second night. For Bianca, who entered the New Talent section last year, that must be harsh. She has a nice voice and good looks. Perhaps return next year with a better song, because this one had a slow build-up and was lacking a climax.

Song #10 Moreno – Oggi ti parlo così
Moreno is more a rapper, than a singer. Italy didn’t like it, as he finished in the ‘red section’, but the guy deserved more credits. He performed vocally very well, and his song had a good vibe to it and a booming chorus.