Italy: Review of the third night of SanRemo

Last night all the Campioni-artists in Italy’s prestigous SanRemo Festival had to perform covers of great Italian songs in history. Their potential Eurovision songs have entered the charts, and gives us a look in the crystal ball for Saturday’s final.

Broadcaster RAI will offer the winner of SanRemo the chance to go to Eurovision. Based on the Italian charts, Lorenzo Fragola has a big chance to win it. But Il Volo, Annalisa, Chiara and Nek are also high in the charts. Click on their names to see their performances once again. Want even more information? Check out our review of the first night of SanRemo 2015 here, and check out our review of the second night of SanRemo 2015 here!

top-10 SanRemo
The third night of SanRemo 2015 featured all twenty artists, singing famous Italian songs from the past. Some songs also took part in SanRemo or Eurovision. Nek won the competition, he sang ‘Se telefonando’. Beneath you see the top-5 of night three with links to their performances. If you want to see all 20 artists, click here for the official SanRemo site of broadcaster RAI.

#1 Nek – Se telefonando (Original by Mina)
#2 Il Volo – Ancora (Original by Eduardo de Crescenzo, SanRemo ’81)
#3 Marco Masini – SarĂ  per te (Original by Francesco Nuti, SanRemo ’88)
#4 Moreno – Una carezza in un pugno (Original by Adriano Celentano)
#5 Dear Jack – Io che amo solo te (Original by Sergio Endrigo, ESC 1968)