Italy: Stadio wins Sanremo, but will not go to Stockholm

The Sanremo Festival 2016 has been won by the group Stadio with their song ‘Un giorno mi dirai’. They were therefore offered the right to represent Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest, but according to broadcaster RAI, they decided not to go to Stockholm.

The silver medal at Sanremo 2016 goes to Francesca Michielin. Giovanni Caccamo & Deborah Iurato ended up in third place. To much surprise, big names like Arisa, Annalisa en Valerio Scanu finished at the bottom of the scoreboard.

Italian broadcaster RAI will now pick another artist out of the Sanremo 2016 field. They will announce their chocie Sunday around 12:30 CET.

UPDATE 14-02: Stadio feat. Francesca Michielin?
Stadio has suggested in several Italian media to perform a duet in Stockholm together with runner-up Francesca Michielin. It is well-known in Italy that Michielin’s biggest dream is to perform in Eurovision, and Stadio – originally being a backing vocalist group – would like to help her to reach her goal. There has been no official confirmation for this news.

Over the last couple of days we have followed all the previous shows for you as well. Check out our reviews and videos of the first night, second night, cover night and semi final of Sanremo. The full results of the final:

01. Stadio – Un giorno mi dirai
02. Francesca Michielin – Nessun grado di seperazione
03. Giovanni Caccamo e Deborah Iurato – Via da qui
04. Enrico Ruggeri – Il primo amore non si scorda mai
05. Lorenzo Fragola – Infinite volte
06. Patty Pravo – Cieli immensi
07. Clementino – Quando sono lontano
08. Noemi – La borsa di una donna
09. Rocco Hunt – Wake Up
10. Arisa – Guardando il cielo
11. Annalisa – Il diluvio universale
12. Elio e le Storie Tese – Vincere l’odio
13. Valerio Scanu – Finalmente piove
14. Alessio Bernabei – Noi siamo infinito
15. Dolcenera – Ora o mai più
16. Irene Fornaciari – Blu