Italy: Winner Sanremo may go to Vienna

The winner of the Sanremo Music Festival 2015 will represent Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest next year in Vienna. The last time the winner of the famous contest was the Italian artist in Eurovision was 2013, when Marco Mengoni finished in 7th place with L’essenziale.

Last year Emma Marrone was chosen internally by broadcaster RAI. The song ‘La mia città’ received only 33 votes in the final vote, ranking at 21st place in the final ranking of the competition. This represents one of the worst placements of the 40 occasions in which Italy has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest. This was also the first time since Italy returned in 2011 the country has not placed inside the top 10.

Despite that ranking of last year, Italy will have a guaranteed direct place in the final next year, being part of the Big-5 in Eurovision.

UPDATE: RAI has later told that the winner MAY go to Vienna. But if he/she does not want to go to Eurovision, they will internally decide which other artist shall go.