Jacques Houdek wants to return to Croatian preselection Dora

It was announced by Jacques himself, that he will apply to take part in the Croatian national selection for the chance to represent the country in 2019. Last time, Jacques was approached by the Croatian broadcaster as an internally selected representative. 

Jacques, who last represented Croatia in 2017, recently announced his intentions to attempt to represent his country for the second time. This time, Croatia will be using the Dora national selection method. However, he is planning to return as a songwriter, and not as a performer. The performer of his song, or the song genre is yet to be announced. jacques said the following when asked about his intentions to return:

As a performer, I ave my maximum performance in Kiev, so let’t stay there for a moment. I look forward to Dora. i’ve already written a song and I already have an ideal performer.

This seasons edition of Dora is scheduled to take place over 3 nights, with each night hosting a different element of the selection. The 3 elements are as follows:

  1. Chansons and Optajia serenades with the symphony orchestra
  2. Dora Classics
  3. Entries for the Eurovision song contest 2019

This will be the first edition of the Croatian national selection since 2011. It was cancelled citing a string of bad results. Croatia have had a mixed bag of results since then, and the return of Dora is a welcome change.

The dates and locations for Dora are yet to be announced.

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