Ireland: Jedward speak to ESCDaily had the privilege to speak to Jedward, the Irish representatives of this years Eurovision Song Contest earlier today. The twins spoke to us about winning Eurosong, what we can expect from them in Germany and their plans for the rest of the year.

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Click here to read the Interview transcript” id=”id1″] are delighted to be talking to the Irish representatives of this year’s Eurovision, Jedward!

ESCDaily: How have the preparations been since you won Eurosong?

Basically We’ve been doing promotion and can’t wait to start promoting the song in other countries. Our fans are really excited and we’re really excited! The songs are really strong this year and we feel we’ve got a really strong song with Lipstick that everyone can get up and dance to. We’re gonna have an electric performance, and bring the energy! Everyone will really enjoy it.

ESCDaily: Have you had any advice from Eurovision entrants or other people in the music business about taking part?

Our manager Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell have been giving us advice. Brian Freeman, who’s worked with Britney Spears is really excited.

ESCDaily: When you won the Eurosong, who did you think was your biggest competition?

I think John was my biggest competition and I was John’s biggest competition, we both wanted to fight for camera attention!

ESCDaily: When the rules were changed for Eurosong, what did u think?

I think when the whole voting thing changed it made us more determined to prove to people that we deserved our participation at the Eurovision as we worked so hard. Some people don’t like us and others do like us and we’re always out their to prove everyone wrong. We’re kinda like the underdogs, wanting to take the next step forward. Our manager Louis Walsh who also manages Westlife has really big plans for us this year and hopefully if we do really well in Eurovision then we’ll launch in different countries. We already have fanbases around Europe which are growing every day.

ESCDaily: You mentioned about proving people wrong, when you were in X Factor you didn’t get the best comments from Simon and Danni, what made you keep going back and performing?

The thing about me and John, when we entered every week in the X Factor people didn’t know us personally but they grew to like us. I think in the beginning no one understood us. Their are always people who want to put you down but me and John are always taking the next step.

ESCDaily: You’ve got a lot of fans in the UK, they cant vote for you in the semi final but will be able to if you reach the final on May 14th. They want to know if you are planning a UK tour?

basically we have our Irish tour which is titled ‘bad behavior’ but our UK tour will be in the summer after Eurovision and we’ll be performing all new tracks from our upcoming album. We’ve been working with people in Sweden & Denmark and recording songs in LA. We hope people are really excited, its going to be big. our first album was all covers but now were taking it more seriously, our manager Louis Walsh is finding songs for us to record.

ESCDaily: OK so these are new songs, are you writing any of them yourself?

Yeah, me and John often write our own music as well. We write about loads of different things like girls, crushes and experiences. We love learning about producing and the different aspects of making music. One day, We’d love to have something big like our own record label!

ESCDaily: We have seen a few of your TV adverts here in the UK!

We’ve also done Nintendo adverts, we did four adverts for them. Lipstick has been chosen as the new theme song for Hyundai over in the middle east. It’s really cool, our song Lipstick will be playing in the background! We’ve also done an advert for Travel Super Market where we had to travel South Africa for 3 days to record.

ESCDaily: Have you had time to listen to the other entries?

Yeah! We’re super excited, it’s like we’re all going to school in a talent show. We love Lena’s song Taken By A Stranger, its more mellow sounding then her song last year. We also like Norway “Haba Haba”, it’s really cool! Me and John are gonna go their with some attitude and bring so much fun when we hit Europe! When there’s a TV show and there’s a negative interview, we jump on and do an interview and bring so much energy!

ESCDaily: Now you mention your twins Slovakia are also sending twins this year. Do you think this is an advantage or disadvantage?

I think that’s an advantage as me and John are guys and their girls and girls like guys! They don’t usually vote for girls. It’s more like we’re supporting each other as their twins and we’re twins. When you think of twins in the UK and Ireland everyone thinks of Jedward. The thing is we’re really alike and close, we’re best friends. We sat beside each other in class at school, we did the same subjects, We run 50 miles a week (we love running). If we weren’t doing the Eurovision, we’d be doing the Olympics as our coach is really serious about it. We really wanted to represent our country in something so it’s really cool that we’ve had this opportunity to represent our country in Eurovision.

ESCDaily: What are you planning with Louis Walsh for your performance?

For Dusseldorf we’re going to have a 3D feel performance, not literally but the way the lights and everything will be done its going to look like its coming at you on the screen. We’re going to have a really cool dance routine that will have a lot of attitude, like a Britney Spear’ MTV Music Awards performance. We want it to be an anthem so that everyone will be singing our song. Think about it, all around Europe on every single TV, we’re gonna have our moment. we’re gonna do this!

ESCDaily: I guess you are really confident with the song, what do you think makes it different?

The thing about lipstick is it’s funky, something that’s not out right now. We’re really excited with everything that’s going on, we’re making an amazing music video. We’ve made picture slideshows but the guy who directed Britney Spears’s first three music videos likes it and said that he’d be interested in doing the music video. Lipstick is basically a song that everyone can sing along to, sometimes you get songs that come out from Europe into Ireland which chart and your singing the lyrics but you don’t understand what your singing but the music still makes it sound good. We’ve got really solid beats in lipstick and it’s a really cheeky song!

ESCDaily: How would you celebrate if you won?

If we won the Eurovision we’d celebrate by having a huge huge party with all our fans and maybe get a cruise and have all our fans on it. We’d do a European tour and call it “Jedward’s Party!” The thing with me and John is we don’t drink or smoke so when we go to parties we’re always the first on the dance floor!

ESCDaily: Do you have any Eurovision memories?

I remember watching these big performers like Lordi & T.A.T.U and people going crazy on stage, all these crazy acts! We used to watch every single year with our granny and granddad, it was a great vibe knowing that everyone around Europe is watching the same tv programme. The thing about Eurovision, it’s all about bringing people together which is really cool. It’s like the theme this year “Feel Your Heart Beat”, we want everyone to feel our hearts beat!

ESCDaily: Thank you very much for talking to us, do you have anything to say to your fans or readers of escdaily

All our fans we love you guys so much, you’re amazing and so supportive! We can’t wait to meet you fans, give you a big hug and a kiss on the cheek! We always check out your site Escdaily, you guys have so much up to date stuff, it’s really cool!

Thank you very much, good luck in Düsseldorf!


Ireland will participate in the 2nd Semi Final of this years Eurovision Song Contest 2011 on May 12th