Jendrik Sigwart selected by Germany, song available on February 25th

Jendrik Sigwart will represent Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2021 photo: NDR

The 26-year-old singer Jendrik Sigwart will represent Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. The premiere of the German song for this year will be broadcast on Thursday 25 February 2021 at 17:50 CET and 19:56 CET on the ARD public television channel.

German public broadcaster, NDR, decided to put their faith into the hands of experts to select their Eurovision 2021 star. Jendrik was part of 100 people and songs competing in Rotterdam for Germany: a “Eurovision Jury” which saw the jury make the final call.

Jendrik grew up in Hamburg as the second eldest of 4 siblings. He began to play piano and violin at a young age and after finishing high school, he studied musical theatre at the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences. He has been passionately writing his own songs for years and even writes his own songs for the ukulele too, his favourite musical instrument.

Last summer, he couldn’t perform his music due to the restrictions caused by the coronavirus, so he used the time to write a song and produce the music video for it. He humorously posted its creation on TikTok and Instagram under the motto: “How to make a Musikvideo”.

For the contest of 2020, Germany select singer Ben Dolic, but they decided not to team up with him again for 2021.