Jendrik Stigwart sings ‘I don’t feel hate’ for Germany

Jendrik Sigwart will represent Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2021 photo: NDR

Jendrik Stigwart has announced that he will perform the song ‘I Don’t Feel Hate’ for Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. He presented the German song this Thursday evening.

Jendrik was presented a few weeks ago by Germany as their singer for Rotterdam. Just like in 2020 he was chosen through an internal selection, though the artist of last year was called Ben Dolic. Germany decided not go ahead with him and picked a new singer.

Jendrik grew up in Hamburg, Germany, and began to learn the piano and violin at a young age, revealing that it was “very cool” to see fellow violinist and inspiration Alexander Rybak winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009.

The Hamburger has been passionately writing his own songs for years and particularly likes to compose for the ukulele, his favourite musical instrument.

Germany has a direct place in the grand final on the 22nd of May.

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  1. OMG. This is a 0 point song. It is hard to stand it and will have no chance at all. Seems like 2 very bad songs were mixed together. Sorry Germany, no points at all. Seems Germany is not very eager in winning again, but taking the championship of being last.

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