JESC2015: All Rehearsals Day Four

Watch all the rehearsal footage of today with commentary below! For the fastest news you need to follow our live-blog. The final eight countries will take to the rehearsal stage again today followed by a Press conference. ESCDaily will provide video footage of each country’s second rehearsal.


Bella Paige is back in business! Nothing unchanged with the costumes. Bella is wearing her gorgeous black and gold dress, and her backing dancers are wearings matching outfits. A bit of time was spent on going through the choreography, before the run-through starts. The staging still keeps its simple flair, and it’s really effective. You really believe the people that say the song could’ve been to the adult contest as well.


Jana is on the stage wearing a cute, blue dress this time. The yellow ribbons (a lá Sertab in 2003) are still a part of the staging. In addition to the cityscape with the confetti rain, thunder clouds and lightning have been added to the background. A few people skipping around to Jana’s song in the press centre.

The Netherlands

Shalisa is back behind the piano in her trademark sequin jacket. She’s once again accompanied by her two dancers and two backing singers. Two on each catwalk, with the dancers being projected on the LED screen behind Shalisa. She has a lot of contact with the camera during the performance, and she’s clearly having fun. Some camera issues during the first run-through, but this is quickly sorted out.



Mihail is back on stage after lunch, wearing a darker navy suit. His ballet dancer is wearing a white top and trousers; in which the arms flow down with fabric as she performs. He sings in English for the last chorus. Visuals remains the same, along with the the use of the crescent-moon hammock. Overall, great vocals. Seems fully polished.

San Marino

Kamilla takes the stage with the same “Mirror Dress” she had two days ago. But this time with more heavy silver make-up under her eyes. That’s the biggest difference since the last time. Due to the glare of the lights and the instability of the platform, the performance was halted numerous times. Issues should be sorted out however.


Lena wears the red dress she wore before, with the same visuals of a stark hill side transforming into red. Spotlights now cascade from behind Lena during key-moments in the song. Vocals are as strong as Slovenia, another strong contender.


Lina is back on stage now wearing her final dress; white and not as flowing as the previous rehearsal. Overall, finishing the ‘Winter’ theme. Visuals remained the same apart from the removal of the snow-flake heart during the final chorus. Vocals were superb, no issues arose.


Anna opens the final day of second rehearsals, wearing her dress for the final. Terracotta-colours silk dress that flows during the climax of the song. Her hair is currently worn straight down which compliments the look and performance. Visuals remain the same; utilising the elements. Vocals are very strong, even though she required a break at the end.

Tuesday 17th November – Schedule:

JESC 2015 - Rehearsals - Day Four

Note: All times provided on schedule are in CET+1.