JESC2015: All Rehearsals Day Three

Watch all the rehearsal footage of today with commentary below! For the fastest news you need to follow our live-blog. The first nine countries will take to the rehearsal stage again today followed by a Press conference. ESCDaily will provide video footage of each country’s second rehearsal.

The last country of the day is up on stage. Mishela is now wearing a white dress with drawings on it (similar to her music video). This song is definitely one of the more catchy ones, and should do good on Saturday night. She still looks a bit more older than her actual age, though.

After being slightly postponed, Bulgaria was finally up for their second rehearsal. Not a lot of new things since the last time. Ivan’s wearing a black shirt, and Gabriela has a business woman look. Gabriela has some difficulties with her high notes. Hopefully this will be sorted out in time.

Destiny is next on the stage. She’s wearing all black clothes, with a vest with several sequinces and pieces of fabric. As before, she shows off her grand vocals right from the start. Not that much new to the performance from the first rehearsal. The background still is influenced by her music video.

Ruslan takes the stage in a sparkling sleeveless hoodie, and is placed on the platform once again. More lightning in the background this time, and the CGI butterfly near the end needs a bit more of the final touch. Right after his performance, Ruslan said that he loved everything about the second run-through.

A sudden change here in the rehearsal schedule, with Mika performing this very moment. He’s wearing his pink suit, and the backing singers/dancers are wearing futuristic, sparkling costumes. Mikael surely delivers some stellar vocals on stage, and it’s pretty clear that he’s enjoying himself. A contender to win one of the three trophies.

The stage has once again been infected with The Virus. We briefly saw their stage outfits before their run-through. A very dominant shade of green on a suit was observed. Their performance remains mostly the same from the rehearsal on Monday; the same backdrop, the same dance routine and the same yelling to the audience. “YOU ARE CRAZY”.


Aimee Banks is back on stage, standing on the circular platform used in the first rehearsal. Her turquoise dress was shown briefly before the performance began. Background imagery has improved significantly with a star-lit sky along with the northern star and a higher quality boat, with slower waves. Overall, theme looks better and more fitting, should hopefully do very well. It seems use of pyrotechnics will be used in the final. No more compass on-screen and waves become still near end. Use of dry ice also near the end of the rehearsal.


Chiara and Martina are wearing red dresses which fits the theme and colour tones of the performance. Use of “Viva” as background visuals is more in-sync and vocals remain strong. Overall, strong performance, whether their placing will showcase that depends on the final performance.

F.Y.R. Macedonia

Ivana & Magdalena are back on stage with their three female hip-hop dancers. Choreography seems far more organised and polished while vocals harmonise to a greater degree. Overall, it’s looking great in terms of improvement and visuals remain the same. Clothing for both girls seems more smart-casual and seems to be the looks for the final.

Tuesday 17th November – Schedule:

JESC 2015 - Rehearsals - Day Three

Note: All times provided on schedule are in CET+1. Bulgaria and Armenia has also switched places.