JESC2015: All Rehearsals Day Two

Watch all the rehearsal footage of today with commentary below! For the fastest news you need to follow our live-blog. The final eight countries will take to the rehearsal stage today, and ESCDaily will provide video footage of each country.


After being delayed for another 20 minutes, we’re finally ready with Ukraine’s rehearsal. Anna Trincher hides in a huge, sparkling lotus during the start of the song. It opens up in time for her singing. Anna is wearing long drapes of orange and white clothing. The background features a waterfall and a globe.


Time for a favorite for some of our team members. Lina Kuduzović is all alone on stage, with a cute white dress. You can’t help but to accept the “Frozen”-vibes you get from this rehearsal. The opening with the piano, the huge winter castle and snow-covered trees in the backdrop really makes you wonder where Olaf is going to pop up. Still, a nice performance from Lina.


Wearing a beautiful red dress, Lena Stamenković was the next performer to rehearse in Sofia. She’s all alone on stage, but she manages to fill the empty space with her vocals and stage presence. The background largely contains rose petals to match her outfit. She’s really giving it all!

San Marino

Kamilla Ismailova is next on stage, and San Marino really is betting everything on staging this time around. Kamilla is placed on a box with a huge white dress with shattered mirror pieces covering the half of it. Think of Moldova at the adult version in 2013. She’s companied with three backing dancers all covered in sparkling, silver outfits. A nice performance!


Mikhail is dressed in a navy blue suit. Featured alongside him is a female backing dancer wearing white. On-stage is a crescent moon-shaped hammock which rocks side-by-side during the performance. Vocals are well executed. Lighting involves the use of blue & purple.


Finally! After some waiting, we see Bella Paige perform her song. Without any countdown by the producers, Bella jumped the gun and delivered some stellar vocals straight off the bat. She sure was popular in the viewing area, with several other journalists turning up to see her. Bella wore a golden dress along with a black top, with two girls dancing behind her. The background sure has some “Conchita-flair” to it, with huge golden, flaming and sparkling wings during the chorus. When the song ended, it seemed she had some in-ear issues. But this is sorted out quite quickly.


Jana is on-stage supported by four backing dancers. Part of the performance involves Jana’s dress which splits apart into four parts similar to “Sertab Erener – Everyway That I Can”. During the final, the four yellow ribbons will be added onto a dress. Background involves a Tron-esque virtual environment. Lighting is predominantly pink. Vocals are harmonisation are promising.

The Netherlands:

Shalisa is situated on a piano with two backing singers to the side of the stage with slight standing choreography. Visuals involve red, lit candles within the sides of the stage and the black and white video of two dancers similar to her music video at the centre behind Shalisa. Vocals sounded great, some slight issues with pitch, easily sorted for the live final. Overall, should do well on the scoreboard.

Tuesday 17th November – Schedule:

JESC 2015 - Rehearsals - Day Two

Note: Australia & The Netherlands have switched places. All times provided on schedule are in CET+1.