JESC 2015: Interviews with Malta, Ireland and The Netherlands

During this week, ESCDaily spoke to several of the competing artists in Junior Eurovision Song Contest. In the build-up towards tonight’s big final in Bulgaria, we are publishing our interviews with Aimee from Ireland, Destiny from Malta and Shalisa The Netherlands.

One thing that is different with Junior Eurovision and the adult counterpart, is that the children do not think of Junior Eurovision as a contest. They are all so happy to be a part of the week-long event, and just meet up with new people from different corners of Europe. This has been proved during the week of rehearsals, parties and interviews.

Aimee from Ireland seems to be one of those. One of her biggest dreams after Junior Eurovision, is to perform opera at full-time. “I would’ve loved to perform on the world stage as an opera singer. It’s been one of my big dreams”, Aimee said with huge excitement.

One of Maltese participant Destiny’s biggest dreams besides to study in America and to meet celebrities there, is to actually compete in the adult contest. “Obviously, when I have the chance I will take part of the Eurovision Song Contest,” Destiny stated.

Shalisa from The Netherlands has been busy #discovering Sofia and Bulgaria during her stay. She has also made some good contact with some of her fellow participants. “I’ve had great contact with Bella from Australia, and Aimee from Ireland. We met each other at the draw of the running order and the Opening Ceremony.”